Forex Trading

Every day round the world, people are seeking for financial opportunities by Trading Forex Online. We think Forex trading opportunity should be open to all. That is why we are Committed to Education. We offer regular seminars, Conferences, workshops and webinars.


Due to Busy schedules, many who are interested in improving their financial opportunities find it difficult making out the time to learn Forex trading and to trade on their own.

We offer Forex Copy Trading program, here you will have complete access to your Forex account, you simply sign up on The forex broker we use, fund your own account and copy our trades to make consistent profit.


Copy trading is simply following the trades of a professional trader, We have team of professional forex traders who trade for Blockvila, when you copy our trade, you simply follow our trades, whatever profit or loss we make in our own forex trading, you will equally make the same percentage profit or loss in your own trading. e.g We are trading with an Equity of $500,000, and you copy our trades with $500. If we make 10% profit in our trades which is $50,000, you will also automatically make 10% profit which is $50 on your own account.

Thousands of registered clients have chosen Blockvila

High Profit with low draw downs

From our past trades, We made between 50% to 200% profit in our trades monthly with 10% draw downs.

Secure & Safe

Your funds are kept safe with you in your own trading account.


Complete access to your trading account, you can see all your profits and losses at every point in time.


The decision to withdraw from your trading account is yours.


You follow Blockvila as your strategy manager, maximizing your profit, with our trading strategies you can earn 50% to 200% of your Initial capital monthly.

Minimum Deposit

To qualify for copy trading you need to have $100 Minimum Deposit to your trading account.

Profit Sharing

40/60 profit sharing if you copy our trade. This means that whatever profit that is made in your account while you copy our trades, Blockvila will be entitled to 40% and the remaining 60% goes to the account owner. From our past performance using our trading strategies, the account owner earns between 25% to 100% of his initial capital monthly after removing our own profit. Your forex broker will automatically deduct 50% from your profit whenever you are making withdrawal and send this to us.

How To Get Started

With Blockvila it only takes a few minutes to get your account set up. Follow this easy steps.

  • Create an Investor account with FOREXTIME Broker.
  • Click “INVEST”
  • Click “Open investors account”
  • Then “Register”
  • After registering and login in, click “INVEST”
  • Click “Open”
  • Your investment account detail will be giving to you
  • Scroll down to “Make a deposit”
  • Chose your deposit type and click “Deposit”
  • Select the Investment account you want to deposit to
  • Chose if you want to Deposit USD or NGN(naira)
  • You will see “Transfer instruction”, please make the transfer using the instruction.
  • After your deposit reflect in your account, go back to menu page
  • Click on account overview
  • Select the investors account.
  • Set your protection level to 80%,
  • You can then logout, your copy trading is already activated an working, you can check once in a while to see your profits an losses.
  • Login to your account.
  • Click on menu
  • Select “FXTM Invest”
  • Click on “Become an investor”
  • Under “list of strategy accounts”, select “all strategy accounts”
  • Click “Filters”
  • Under account name, type “Blockvila1”
  • Then click “Invest”
  • Click “Invest” again
  • Click “Open”
  • Select payment method and made deposit to your account
NOTE: Do not panic when you see losses in your account, these are running trades that have not closed. With time the running trades will close with profit.