Women Place In Crypto and Blockchain Skyrocketing in 2020

A recent reports show a high increase in the number of women involved in the crypto market, some exchanges see a 160% surge in Dec. 4, Bitcoin (BTC) fund operator Grayscale published the results of a study that showed 43% of people who are interested in BTC investments turned out to be women. Today, half of Binance’s employees are female — and in India, women make up the majority of crypto investors.

Does this mean that gender equality has come to the market? Or are cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology still a men’s business? On the eve of International Women’s Day, female representatives of the blockchain industry told Cointelegraph what attracted them to the market and which difficulties they have faced.

There is no place for women in the “Wild West”
Until 2018, the cryptocurrency industry was almost absent of women — but male crypto enthusiasts created their brotherhood with private conferences and meetups. At one such conference held in Japan in 2018, only two of the 42 participants were women. And in the United States, one conference was held at a strip club.

In general, the lack of women in the
2018 — can be explained by the historical dominance of men in the tech, financial and scientific industries, whereas the number of women, although growing, is still far from being equal. In these areas, women compose 10%–30% of the total workforce.

According to an article by Fusion, “if you are a woman involved with Bitcoin, you are invariably going to get treated like an outsider.” Many women are reacting to the lack of inclusion within the Bitcoin sector by forming female-only bitcoin communities. The fact remains that many women, despite their efforts feel as if “the developers are solving technical problems, and ignoring the much bigger and much more important human problems.” They feel the gender gap is not addressed, and should be.
Even though women make up half of the senders, and two-thirds of the recipients of Bitcoin, they are still experiencing exclusion within the Bitcoin workforce. This blog post will explore the uses of blockchain and bitcoin, and will shed some light on the women who are shaping these technologies despite the obstacles they face in an industry with a gender gap.

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