There are so many ways to make money in the Crypto Space. A lot of them are not fully utilized. Here are more ways to make money with cryptocurrency asides trading and they include; 

1. Lending/Borrowing: You can earn extra income by lending your tokens to different individuals or organization which is known as staking or yield farming on several crypto platforms. 

2. Work for a Crypto Company(Crypto Jobs): You can use your skills to work for several crypto companies remotely or On-site. 

3. Affiliate Programs: These are programs that are organized by some crypto platforms for individuals to earn extra income by just inviting someone to use their platform. 

4. Airdrops: These are coins or tokens that are distributed for free by a start up crypto company to individuals by just performing a few tasks. 

5. Mining: You can mine cryptocurrencies using several machines and computers to make money, and also subscribe to mining rigs and earn. 

6. Arbitrage: There are different ways of doing Arbitrage it could be with fiat or tokens, it is buying a currency at a lower price from one exchange and selling it on another at a higher price. Arbitrage is highly profitable when you have a large capital. 

There are so many ways to make money from cryptocurrencies they are not limited to these. .😊

Which of these are you into?

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