Trading signals in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has grown in the last decade to be a very important means of financial growth for many. Just like Forex trading, there are those who take it up as a full-time business and others who dabble into it intermittently. One thing they all have in common is the knowledge of how to make gains using trading signals. It is not enough to just have an idea of cryptocurrency and the technology behind it. You can’t use this knowledge alone to trade cryptocurrency pairs and make profits. You need a broad understanding of trading signals to ensure when you going into the cryptocurrency markets, you will not be running into losses. This brief article will explain trading signals on cryptocurrency to give you a better understanding of the term and guide you into making better trading judgments.

What are trading signals in cryptocurrency?

Trading signals are clues or suggestions gotten from certain indicators generated by analysis that inform you of the possibility of making a profit when you enter or exit a trade.

The two major types of trading analysis in cryptocurrency are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis relates to news about crypto assets that may affect the price of the coin. Technical analysis, on the other hand, refers to the indicators from trading charts that track the trading activity of the coin over a period of time. The volatility of the crypto markets makes it efficient for easily scalping profits where necessary. The best way to make profits while trading crypto is to arm yourself with both technical and fundamental analysis. The goal of the trading indicator on the chart is to provide traders or investors with a comprehensive suggestion to either buy or sell crypto. The signals must have an accurate entry range, an exit range, and stop-loss levels in case the signal fails to hit the projected target.

How to create trading signals in crypto

Although cryptocurrency trading has evolved drastically over the last few years, compared to the stock market or forex, it is still quite young and in its developmental stage. This is why many crypto charts today make use of the tools in generating trading signals for forex in crypto trading. Technical analysis is arguably the most popular way to create trading signals as it involves the analysis of the historical price action of a coin while using several indicators to predict the next trend and seek out profit opportunities across different time frames. Some of the popular indicators include trend lines, moving average, Bollinger bands, RSI, Elliott waves, Fibonacci, and even oscillators.

The use of trading bots can also help in creating trading signals. These bots are protocols that have been programmed to identify specific chart patterns based on a number of indicators. Once these patterns are recognized, they either enter a trade or exit it automatically with or without the knowledge of the trader.
Some bots can also be programmed to only send the signal to the trader but not execute any trades. Not everyone has the knowledge or patient to learn how to make use of the indicators in technical analysis but there are some trading platforms that allow people to copy trade others who are professional traders. This can be very effective for those who find the whole process of learning how to understand trading signals overwhelming.


Cryptocurrency trading is getting increasingly popular and can be used to make profits when proper knowledge of trading signals is applied. Trading signals let you know your best chance of making gains from a trade and it is important to get a grasp of the different ways of generating these signals before making a move in the market. 


Grabbing knowledge of popular trading signals can help you make good profits when you trade cryptocurrency.