The royal Dutch soccer association (KNVB) of Netherlands uses blockchain-based ticketing app

Replacing tickets with an associated app, Yesterday’s match was hosted at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam. Which the Netherlands won 5-0 as BBC reported.
According to Ajax Life, the KNVB used the event as a chance to trial it’s a new blockchain-based app, designed to combat tickets counterfeiting and black market sales.
The solution dispenses with price ticket PDFs, granting guest access to the construction via the associated app.
A bar code that’s being used to activate visitor’s access to the stadium is only but operational at a set time and also within a specific radius of the stadium I’m matching day. This on the face of it makes it not possible to sell tickets for contest multiple times.

Ajax life reporters noted that if the blockchain pilot’s results are deemed thriving, the answer is developed and scaled any with the support of the European Regional Development Fund.
KNVB and AFC Ajax were both participants developing a series of innovative merchandise for the trial implants implementation throughout yesterday’s match, beneath the aegis of a so-dubbed “Change The Game Challenge” together initiated with the Johan Cruijff Arena.
Blockchain in the sports and it’s entertainment industries.

Broadway’s largest tickets operator, the Shubert Organization, revealed it plans to pilot an IBM blockchain-powered mobile ticketing solution and is eyeing integrating the product into its future business this October.
In international football, blockchain platform has partnered with various leading clubs – together with the French football clubs Paris Saint Germain, London-based West Ham United, Italy’s Juventus to launch club branded fan tokens.

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