The Hostile Receptions Facebook’s Libra Coin Received Should Be Viewed As A Validation Of The Need For Bitcoin.

As a fiat currency pegged stablecoin, Libra offers little threat to the U.S. dollar’s monopoly. To Libra users, it would be little different from PayPal, Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat, Zelle, or the dozens of other peer-to-peer payment platforms around the world. Yet, Libra threw the powers-that-be in such a panic that President Trump was pressured into tweeting a condemnation of Libra and […]

How blockchain could change the HR function

Finding and retaining star candidates has proven to be a tedium in today’s world. In fact, the Society of Human Resources (SHRM) reported in 2017 that the average time spent to hire an employee was 36 days. It may seem short, but in today’s fast business environment, this number calls companies to relook into their HR processes to make the best use […]

Turkey to introduce national blockchain currency.

The Turkish government plans to launch a central bank “blockchain based” digital currency within the next four years. The idea was included in The Eleventh Development Plan submitted to parliament by Turkish vice president, Fuat Oktay on 8 July. The document, presented to the Planning and Budget Commission, will serve as an economic road map for the government between now […]

What are the advantages that blockchain offers?

What is blockchain? It is a foundational technology or a platform that allows designing a secure way to record transactions and circulate it among signatories, or any kind of target group with an Internet connection. At its core it is an extremely democratic ledger that cannot be arbitarily manipulated and easily shareable. Blockchain’s appeal is that it achieves this without […]

Trump Is All Wrong about Bitcoin

President Trump says he’s not a fan of Bitcoin and suggested the only real currency is the US dollar. rustrated with the Federal Reserve’s degree of political independence and influence over of the economy, President Donald Trump has recently taken to publicly criticizing the man he chose to run the country’s central bank, Jerome Powell. “If we had a Fed […]


The Hangzhou Internet Court, in China, has recently ruled bitcoin is seen as virtual property in the country, and as such is legally protected. The ruling came in a case in which the plaintiff, Mr. Wu, sued the Shanghai Technology Company, which allegedly operated the FXBTC cryptocurrency exchange on Taobao, a leading Chinese online marketplace, and sold bitcoin back in […]

Bitcoin Price Jumps $1K in 30 Minutes to Top $10,000 Again

Bitcoin Jumps Higher in Unexpected Surge Wow, well that was quick. In the past two hours, Bitcoin (BTC) has gained over 10%, rallying from $9,400 to $10,600. Most of this rally actually took place in a few minutes, with the cryptocurrency gaining around $800 of that move higher in a matter of a single five-minute candle. To say that the […]