ING Poll- Austrians are most skeptical of bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Despite the fact that some companies and countries are beginning to adopt cryptocurrency and seeing the potentials it has, most advanced countries are still skeptical about the use of Cryptocurrency.  Recently, an online survey carried out by banking giant ING discovered that Austrians are very skeptical of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency. From the poll conducted, results showed that, Bitcoin-positivity is […]

Learning about the Blockchain in 3 minutes

What is Blockchain? In simple words, Blockchain can be defined as a chain of the block that contains information. The technique is intended to timestamp digital documents so that it’s not possible to backdate them or temper them. The blockchain is used for the secure transfer of items like money, property, contracts, etc. without requiring a third-party intermediary like bank […]

Bitcoin Price Will Hit $250K by Q1 2023, Says Tim Draper

The serial VC investor, Tim Draper who is known for predicting Bitcoin prices, has just disclosed that Bitcoin would hit $250,000 but it’s status as a safe haven asset could see investors waiting a little longer than planned. He says: “People have consolidated towards Bitcoin”. During the interview with Yahoo Finance which held on Aug 9, Draper stated that Bitcoin […]

Even with the Present Market Mayhem, Reasearch shows Perfect Storm for Bitcoin

BrewingAccording to a crypto research firm Delphi Digital, the mounting economic uncertainty around the world is creating a perfect storm for Bitcoin. From a summary of a new quarterly macro outlook, Delphi Digital says there is an interesting discovery that the observed trouble in traditional markets is boosting the price of Bitcoin in 2019. It is far more obvious that […]

Craig Wright ‘Explains’ Why You Won’t Admit He Created Bitcoin

Craig Wright has a theory about why almost nobody will capitulate to his demands to be worshiped as Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Standing on the wrong end of a multibillion-dollar lawsuit, he believes that his persona has led to attacks on him personally, as opposed to the ideas he has presented to the blockchain space. Wright Says Core Believers Dismissed His […]