Bitcoin Is Back On The Radar In Zimbabwe As The Country’s Economy Continues To Struggle.

The cryptocurrency is trading briskly here after president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government banned the use of foreign currencies for settlement of local transactions. It comes as Zimbabwe re-introduced the Zimbabwe dollar unit it abandoned in 2009 and banned settlement of local transactions using the United States dollar, British pound, South African rand and other foreign currencies. The government has been trying to  curb re-dollarization of […]

Nouriel Roubini Threatens To Sue BitMEX & Arthur Hayes

What began as a somewhat light-hearted debate between two opposing bitcoin mindsets has devolved into a fiasco. New York University Professor and bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini has threatened a lawsuit towards BitMEX and its CEO Arthur Hayes over what he calls unfair treatment in the aftermath of their ‘Tangle in Taipei’ debate. Roubini Threatens Lawsuit Roubini claims to be unfairly represented in a video of […]

Facebook should put a stop to Libra for now, says Congress

Many have highlighted the cybersecurity implications of Facebook’s forthcoming Libra cryptocurrency, but Congressional lawmakers in the US have an even greater fear: could the grand initiative undermine the security of the global financial ecosystem itself? That’s what’s keeping members of the US House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services up at night. On Tuesday, Chairperson Maxine Waters sent a letter to Facebook […]

Nestlé breaks new ground with open blockchain pilot

Nestlé will break new ground in supply chain transparency through a collaboration with OpenSC – an innovative blockchain platform that allows consumers to track their food right back to the farm. Through this collaboration, Nestlé becomes the first major food and beverage company to announce that it will pilot open blockchain technology in this way. This is part of Nestlé’s […]

Brave, First Cryptocurrency Oriented Browser Is Working On Integrating Ethereum Along With Ledger And Trezor Wallet

According to the publication, a new welcome landing page is included in the Brave extension for Chrome. The page highlights three wallets, and these are Ethereum wallet, Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets. Pictures on Github disclose that clients can pick any of these wallets to set up. Moreover, in Ethereum, another wallet can be made, or an old one can be […]

Five industries that are being transformed by blockchain.

Internet of Business says It is the distributed ledger system that enables cryptocurrencies, but blockchain technology offers use new cases across multiple vertical industries. Within the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain’s applications go beyond security and authentication to asset tracking and the exchange of smart contracts, which give devices a way of handshaking and exchanging information according to mutually agreed […]