Dirt-Cheap Crypto Tokens That Are Ready to Bounce

Bitcoin has been showing signs of weakness as of late. This is good news for many crypto tokens that have been badly beaten over the last few months as the dominant cryptocurrency flexed its muscles. At the very least, the bitcoin correction will likely give smaller crypto assets the space to bounce. For some coins, this breather might be enough to […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Primed For A Big Fall From Here.

Bitcoin (BTC) has closed the day below the 50 day EMA again but this time the circumstances are quite different. Instead of beginning the next day in green, BTC/USD has begun the next day in red and is now on the verge of further downside that could push the price all the way down to the 61.8% fib extension level from […]

What scares the world of cryptocurrencies?

July 24, 2019 | AtoZ Markets – In the Second World War, the victorious countries established a global financial system that they had to impose their domination over world economies through the International Monetary Fund, whose purpose was to assist in the reconstruction of countries affected by the effects of the war. The Bank’s policy on interest-bearing lending has been adopted by […]

Cryptocurrencies price prediction: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin

Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD clinches to $10,000 amid growing bearish pressure  – Bitcoin confluence Bitcoin (BTС) is changing hands marginally below $10,000. The first digital coin has lost over 3% since the beginning of the day and stayed amid increased bearish pressure. The price attempted to break above $11,000 on July 20, but the upside momentum failed to gain traction. […]

The Hostile Receptions Facebook’s Libra Coin Received Should Be Viewed As A Validation Of The Need For Bitcoin.

As a fiat currency pegged stablecoin, Libra offers little threat to the U.S. dollar’s monopoly. To Libra users, it would be little different from PayPal, Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat, Zelle, or the dozens of other peer-to-peer payment platforms around the world. Yet, Libra threw the powers-that-be in such a panic that President Trump was pressured into tweeting a condemnation of Libra and […]

How blockchain could change the HR function

Finding and retaining star candidates has proven to be a tedium in today’s world. In fact, the Society of Human Resources (SHRM) reported in 2017 that the average time spent to hire an employee was 36 days. It may seem short, but in today’s fast business environment, this number calls companies to relook into their HR processes to make the best use […]

China To Lead the World in Google Search for Facebook’s Libra

Google Trends data is not the only source proving the massive spike of interest of China to Facebook’s Libra. China’s Sina Weibo, the country’s biggest social media network, has also recorded an increased popularity of Libra.  China-focused online Twitter resource Cnledger reported today that queries for “Libra will compete with Alipay and WeChat” is now the second most popular search on Weibo. […]

Turkey to introduce national blockchain currency.

The Turkish government plans to launch a central bank “blockchain based” digital currency within the next four years. The idea was included in The Eleventh Development Plan submitted to parliament by Turkish vice president, Fuat Oktay on 8 July. The document, presented to the Planning and Budget Commission, will serve as an economic road map for the government between now […]

Bitcoin Vs. Libra: Is “trust” the secret to global domination?

Bitcoin’s financial prowess can no longer be ignored and traditional leaders have to choose sides between the disruptor and the status quo. Capital venture investor, Tim Draper leads this drive in making the shift into the unknown, while showing constant support toward crypto’s mass adoption. True to this initiative, Draper in an interview highlighted how banking institutions have joined hands to undermine […]