Madana Preserving their Privacy by Design

Madana Preserving their Privacy by Design

Our daily life is becoming more and more Digital Data is without any doubt one of today’s most valuable resources, but it seems that only big corporations can make any use of it by leaving data producers behind without any control of or any profit from one of the greatest assets.

The Digital Youth data markets of the future are smart. We will be able to secure and manage our data with the convenience of a switch while creating large amounts of data new technology will enable us to Monitor and encrypt our digital property together.

We can create the world’s biggest decentralized pool of information the combined potential of our data can contribute to the greater good of Science and Society while anyone can utilize this information to get specific analysis results are privacy will be protected by Madonna.

When the analysis buyer gets the result the actual data is never copied unauthorized. How does Madonna work whenever someone requests an analysis result the Madonna Network connects matching analysis programs and data sets into a protected analysis environment after finishing the analysis the buyer gets his requested information because of Madonna’s openness.

Anyone can request an analysis on subjects like Trend forecasting targeted advertisement or new cross analytics findings on the other side analysis plug-in providers and data producers, like end-users app developers or iot devices get a fair share for their contribution Pax is the essential cryptocurrency for Madonna that drives all the necessary smart contracts based on blockchain technology when analysis buyers purchase their analyses data producers and plug-in providers will be rewarded with Pax cryptocurrency with Madonna we envision a world where anyone gets the opportunity to control his digital you and monetize his own data the way for a fair and trusted handling of data Madonna the market for data analysis.

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