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Bitcoin is leading into the future,and its aim is to achieve further widespread adoption.

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Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital is following in Grayscale Investments’ footsteps by releasing an ad for cryptocurrency to the general public, this time using print media.

A full-page ad for the cryptocurrency investment bank appeared in the U.K.-based international business newspaper Financial Times (FT) today. 


Many viewers responded negatively to Grayscale’s ad, as there were hopes before it was unveiled that it could ‘bring crypto investing to millions.’ Instead, it simply takes viewers through the history of currency, from seashells to paper.

Despite the wide reach of the FT and it’s high net wealth demographic, some Crypto Twitter users were quick to criticise the seemingly outdated choice for a delivery system.

“Investors who worry about fiscal profligacy and helicopter money should recognize the value in Bitcoin’s inherent scarcity — its hard-coded fixed supply makes it a compelling hedge against inflation,” the ad states.

But the nature of print allows it to go into detail, labeling Bitcoin (BTC) as “an investable store of value asset that operates independent of the traditional financial system.”

The FT also released a fairly down beat report on XRP today, stating the token has a “controversial reputation in many parts of the cryptocurrency world” and had yet to achieve widespread adoption among banks.