ING Poll- Austrians are most skeptical of bitcoin and cryptocurrency

ING Poll- Austrians are most skeptical of bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Despite the fact that some companies and countries are beginning to adopt cryptocurrency and seeing the potentials it has, most advanced countries are still skeptical about the use of Cryptocurrency. 

Recently, an online survey carried out by banking giant ING discovered that Austrians are very skeptical of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency. From the poll conducted, results showed that, Bitcoin-positivity is also weakening in other countries, according to Der Standard, Aug. 14.

Austrians are skeptical about cryptocurrency but generally conventional on investments. Currently only 13% of the indigenes see digital currencies in a positive light.

Austrians seem unperturbed and their attitude towards crypto worsened since last year.

From a survey carried out, it was shown that Austrians have done their research about cryptocurrency and are very aware of it however they wish to avoid the risk and volatility. 

Compared to 20% last year, this year only 17% of Austrians believe that cryptocurrency is the future of digital payments while 14% believe that it’s a significant form of investment compared to 17% last year.  And only 5% of Austrians would consider receiving their salaries paid In Bitcoin.

With the exceptions of Turkey, Poland and Romania, 13 European nations including Australia and United States were questioned and feedback says the majority saw a downturn in crypto-positivity compared to last year.

However, with a respondents of 43-44%, Poland and Romania saw a positive view of cryptocurrencies. While in Turkey, 62% are have positive opinions about crypto and 36% will be glad to receive their salaries paid in Bitcoin.

Even though Austrians do not have a positive attitude towards Cryptocurrency yet they see the value in Blockchain as a technology. The city of Graz, which is the known as the country’s blockchain hub, is planning to use a DLT- based platform in the move towards zero-carbon distribution. 

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