How to Mine Bitcoin with Blockvila and earn 10% monthly

How to Mine Bitcoin with Blockvila and earn 10% monthly

Few months ago Blockvila launched a bitcoin Mining program in partnership with a bitcoin Mining company with head office in UK and Mining farm located in Russia. This is a very good opportunity for Blockvila community, you can mine and earning Bitcoins with us 

What is Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is done by specialized computers. Mining Is Used to Issue new Bitcoins

The role of miners is to secure the network and to confirm Bitcoin transactions Bitcoin miners receive newly created bitcoins and transaction fees as reward for completing this tasks.

How can I mine Bitcoin?

You won’t be able to mine without a mining hardware known as  ASIC miner.

ASIC miners are specialized computers that were built for the sole purpose of mining bitcoins.

Don’t even try mining bitcoins on your home desktop or laptop computer! You will earn less than one penny per year and will waste money on electricity.

Most Bitcoin mining is done in large warehouses where there is cheap electricity. And this is the only way to generate very reasonable profit.

This is where Blockvila comes in, With our mining warehouse located in Russia with very cheap electricity, you can simply place an order on to purchase an ASIC mining hardware from us. once you make this purchase we will automatically set up your Miner in our mining farm and connect it to our mining pool within 24 hours to mine for you. The profit generated in form of bitcoin rewards will be automatically sent to your account daily. You can simply request to withdraw your generated profit monthly. 

This means that you don’t need to do any work apart from simply purchasing mining power from us, then relax and start earning.
How much can I earn mining bitcoin with BlockvilaYou will earn 10% profit monthly in form of reward for a period of 6months
After 6 months you can decide to sell back your ASIC mining hardware back to us at 10% discount to receive back 90% of your capital. This means that at the end of your mining contract with us you will be earning total of 150% inclusive of your capital.
What is Mining Farm 

A mining farm is a location, usually a large space, housing several computers dedicated to mining one or more cryptocurrencies. 

The computers consume a lot of energy, and air conditioning is needed to prevent them from overheating. Blockvila mining farm is located in Russia because this is one of the countries with cheapest electricity. And because we spend very little on the electricity cost, there is more profit than expenses. 

Below is our partner’s mining Farm
Our mining farm in Russia

How secure is my capital?

Since you are simply purchasing a mining hardware. we can always resell your Miner at 10% discount and give you 90% back your capital. This makes your capital very secure.

How to get started

Simply visit , signup, login and click on “Purchase hashpower”

What is the mode of purchase?

You can purchase the hardware using bitcoin or you can select NGN in your dashboard and pay with naira Card.

How can I withdraw my profit?

You need a bitcoin address to receive your bitcoins. You can as well resell your earned bitcoin to blockvila since we offer a bitcoin exchange where one can buy and sell their bitcoins. So you can resell your bitcoin to us to get naira. 

For more information visit and scroll down to read the FAQ. Or contact our customer care.

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