Facebook Seeks Wallet Engineers as Blockchain Job Openings Top 30

Facebook Seeks Wallet Engineers as Blockchain Job Openings Top 30

Facebook is looking to hire more than 30 blockchain professionals, including six engineers for the Calibra crypto wallet.

Social media giant Facebook, which recently revealed details of an ambitious plan to roll out a cryptocurrency called Libra, is seeking a data professional to work on the new network’s wallet data, as well as a policy specialist to help with potential regulatory hurdles.

“The wallet will be the delivery vehicle for many financial services starting with personal payments, but expanding to online and offline commerce and eventually lending and personal financial management,” the job description says.


Facebook is looking to fill a bunch of other roles that involves blockchain technology communication directoran SEC reporting director, a director of payments partnerships, a finance program manager, a program manager, a growth product manager, a technology communications manager, a brand strategy manager and a software engineering manager.

The list also includes security engineers and UX researchers.

Last week, Facebook formally reveled  its vision for Libra, a price-stable cryptocurrency intended to bring billions into the global financial system, with companies like Visa, Mastercard, Uber, Lyft, and PayPal on board.

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