Dexage duly represented at the SIN3 conference in Southern Nigeria.

Dexage duly represented at the SIN3 conference in Southern Nigeria.

DexAge, a permissionless, trustless, hybrid exchange platform that enables its users to control and authorize their transactions, has so far been representing in the SIN3 conference holding in Uyo. The conference which is themed “Gearing Nigeria for the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Space” which is scheduled to hold from the 6th of August to the 11th of August with exciting, informative and transformative sessions has been going on quite smoothly and the Decentralized exchange was duly represented.

In a speech delivered by the representative of Dexage, the tokenization will work on user-centric approach where through a blockchain-based social web the users, traders and investors will interact with each other and influence the growth and development of the DXG platform. The use of a blockchain-based decentralized network will help solve many challenges that occur with centralized exchanges. Using referral schemes, staking & voting rights and portfolio diversification, the platform will empower its stakeholders and drive the mass adoption of DexAge.

According to the one-pager document on the exchange’s website, DexAge strives to make its P2P platform an autonomous ecosystem where its users, traders and investors would serve as the fuel and not just as the nuts and bolts of the platform. 

“The real growth and development of DXG lie in the empowerment of its stakeholders, which we endeavour to achieve through the multipurpose functionality of our DexAge tokens. By enabling our users to stake, vote, pay loans and manage their assets in a hybrid exchange, trading and lending marketplace, our end-game is for DXG and its stakeholders to thrive with the proliferative potential of cryptocurrencies.”

The blockchain-driven decentralized exchange platform of DexAge enables its users to carry out P2p crypto to crypto exchange, P2P crypto-fiat trading and P2P lending in a robust ecosystem that is highly resistant to hacking.

The crypto-trading infrastructure at DexAge is an autonomous, self-sustainable system fuelled by the social connections between the traders and investors who use our platform. The lack of a single authority who controls the whole system hands over all the power to the stakeholders of DexAge, making them the prime force influencing our growth and development.

Social web-driven
The innovative business model of DexAge will capitalise on the power of the people. The DXG platform along with the Dapp will not just allow our traders, users and investors to trade and lend crypto-assets but will enable them to communicate and share their ideas and knowledge while interacting with one another through meetups and by chats on Dapp.

Trustless system
The P2P crypto transactions at the DXG platform, be it for trading or lending, would be coordinated by decentralized escrow services providing secure smart contracts.

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