CB's Diary 

Hello Blockvilans and the Crypto world at large.

Welcome to the first episode of CB's diary.

Since we are at the beginning we have to start at the beginning right? Yes, we do.


NYSC Camp 2017, Lokoja, Kogi State:

On a cool morning after a cold water bath, trying to catch some sleep before the boom! boom!! boom!!! sound  of any object the soldiers can find and training for upcoming parade competition by Sergeant Muhammed would begin.

Here I am thinking who sent me to join squad, my body o! and then beside me Bola starts up a conversation with Jude:

Bola: How far Jude, you don check market today??     (Hi Jude, have you checked the market today?)

Jude: No be everyday checking matter, calm down give am 3 to 4 years, we go smile.

(You don’t check the market daily, stay calm and in 3 to 4 years you will be happy.)

Me thinking: Which kind market you dey give 3 years before you smile? I think say the new slogan na ‘Carry your market for your head'

(What kind of a market are they referring to whereby you have to wait for about 3 to 4 years before you would make good profit and smile to the bank. I thought the new trend is to run your business and advertise it daily with the sole purpose of making profits)

Bola: I know but heart dey cut me oo

(I know, but I’m scared)

Jude: On top 3k wey you put. People wey get millions for inside nkor?

(For just 3k you invested. How about persons who invested millions)

Me wondering: Millions! I need to hear this matter.

(Millions! I need to be involved in this).

Bola: Dem get money naim make. That 3k come from the allowance wey dem give us. 

(They have the money hence they could invest that much. The 3k I invested came from my allowance).

Jude: Guy, relax. I don study this thing well, look am inside and out. I guarantee you if in 3 to 4 years e no blow, I go settle you.

(Don’t worry, I have studied the charts and done my research thoroughly, I’m certain in 3 to 4 years we will be rich, if that’s not the case I will reimburse you.)

Bola: Okay man.

Me pondering: E clear say I dey here and people dey plan their future and me, wetin I dey do?

(It’s obvious I’ve been in the camp just enjoying while others are busy planning their future. What are my plans on a serious note?)

Me calling: Bola, Bola where he enter just now?

(Bola, where did he go?)


Let’s take a look at some necessary boxes you must check before investing in any form:

1) Have a Mentor/Guide: A popular slang says ‘Follow who know road'. A mentor has made some mistakes and learnt how best to avoid them. Following a guide helps prevent you from unnecessary losses. 

2) Make a Plan: Trade with only what you can afford to loose, even as you take all steps to ensure you don’t loose your funds.

3) Learn patience: if you are not patient with the process, you could end up leaving a trade too early when its uptrend has only began.

4) Do Research: Do not only lean on what others have to say. Learn for yourself also. That way, when you take a trade, you are confident and won’t be swayed by the up and downs of the market.


PS: The news everywhere about persons making it big in the Cryptocurrency world just from making little investments, makes too many persons put the Cart before the Horse. As a result, many persons lose their funds just because they jump in without a plan. 

Fading out:

In my next diary session, we will find out if CB started her journey or not.

Kindly share with us how you got to know about Crypto trading.

Till the next diary session.


Trade Smartly, Make Profits.