Hello Blockvilans, hope you have been safe and making profit? Trust you didn’t allow the ups and downs of the market recently to liquidate you.
Well let’s go back to Asaya camp, 2017 and see where CB is at. Let’s learn a lesson or two, shall we?

Jude: This one you dey call my name like say na you give me the name. Wetin happen?
(Why are you calling my name so loudly as if you named me?)
CB: (out of breathe from chasing Jude) You dey prepare for Olympics? the way you dey throw leg I no understand. Abeg wait make I gather myself.
(You have such long strides. Are you preparing for the Olympics? Please give me a minute let me catch my breathe)
Jude: Na sleep dey my head like this oo. shey you know say them go soon tell us make we come gather for one talk or the other?
(At the moment I just want to rest before the lectures of the day kick off.)
CB: No vex, abeg tell me more about wetin you and Bola bin dey talk about.
(Please don’t be offended, tell me more about what you and Bola were discussing).
Jude: Bola tell you about am?
(Did Bola tell you about it?)
CB: No. I hear ona dey discuss. 
(No, I overheard your discussion).
Jude: See eh right now I no get strength for plenty talk. Just go Google read about Cryptocurrency, when you don read finish, we talk. I dey go sleep.
(I really don’t have the strength for explanation now. Go to Google and read up about Cryptocurrency, when you are done we will discuss. I’m off to bed)
CB: Me when say as I don graduate I no go near book again, Jude you come dey give me assignment?
(I told myself I won’t stress myself to do any form of reading after graduating, why are you giving me an assignment?)
Jude: For this matter, if you no ready to study, you never ready to make money. When you read finish, I go access you if you ready to learn, cause as you see me so, I no get time for lazy person.
(On this, if you are not ready to study, you are not ready to make money. When you are done reading, I will access you to see if you are ready to learn or not)
CB: (stares dumbfounded) Just tell me say, you no wan teach me.
(You would have just told me you are not ready to tutor me.)
Jude: (rolls eyes and walks off).

*10 Minutes Later*

CB back in her hostel on her bed decided to check out Cryptocurrency on Google#

*15 Minutes of surfing the net*

CB: Nothing makes sense, I even feel more confused than when I started to read. Let me take a break and rest my head a little.

5 Minutes into the much needed rest, the soldiers’ clanking noises wakes CB up.

CB:(drowsy, head banging and hungry, putting her in a bad mood and then it hits her that while chasing Jude down to find out more, she forgot to go get her breakfast.) Oh No!

Picking a Mentor to guide you is very important, agreed, but the guide is much more effective when you give yourself to studying. This reminds me of the proverb

“You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” (Chinese proverb.)

You need to decide if you want to be fed for a lifetime or for a day.

Share with us some materials you read to prepare you for your Crypto journey. 

Till our next diary session

Trade Smartly, Make Profits.