Bitcoin Seems To Be Having a Hard Time Crossing Over Its Resistance

Bitcoin Seems To Be Having a Hard Time Crossing Over Its Resistance

After dipping below the $8,000 value point,Bitcoin has continuing dipped and is now trading at $7,824.37 ,down 3.22% on the day

The largest altcoin by market capitalization,Ether(ETH), had similar losses down to 3.13% at $169.83 on the day trade.

On 5th October,2019,visual-collectibles marketplace OpenSea said a hacker that stole seventeen (17) Ethereum domain names during the Ethereum Name Service’s auction determined to return them all

Meanwhile, the payment network Ripples’s XRP token is remaining comparatively stable. The payments-focused cryptocurrency is up by a little 0.81% at $0.254 on the day trade.

Last week, major digital currency/ cryptocurrency payment processor Bitpay entered an agreement to partner with Ripples’s investment arm Xpring to support payments with XRP.

Other top-20 altcoins are also dipping likes of Algorand (ALGO) I’d down to 6%’while Unus Sed Leo(LEO) and Tezo (XTZ) are also down to over 5%. One among top-20 coins is bucking the trend and having major gains. Chain link(LINK) is up over 8.6% to trade at $2.14 on the day.

The overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is presently at $210.7 billion, slightly below where it started at the beginning of the 7-day period.

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