Bitcoin FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-currency?
E-currency means the electronic currency and is a means of exchange with which you can make and receive payments.

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What is Liberty Reserve?
Liberty Reserve is a 100% irrevocable payment system and digital currency. You can send or receive money to or from anyone in the world. It is a popular e-currency. It is widely accepted and used by millions of people worldwide.

Are You The Operators of Liberty Reserve ?
Absolutely No.

Just like you, we are users of Liberty Reserve. We do not own, operate or affiliate with Liberty Reserve in any way. Please see the LR website for details about the owners and operators.

I don’t have an LR account. How can I get one?
It is FREE to open a Liberty Reserve account. Once on the website, click Create Account and get an account. Click here to do that immediately.

Why do I need a Liberty Reserve Account?
You can easily pay for things online with your LR account without a credit card. You can also receive payments online. It is fast and simple.

How can I fund my LR account?
Simple. We will do that for you. Just Click here.

I want to convert my LR to cash. What should I do?
You can sell your LR to us and we pay you cash. To do this, Click here to find out our current buying rate.

Can I pay cash at your office?
No. We don’t accept or pay cash because of security reasons. We do all payments through registered bank accounts.

Which banks do you use?
We handle payments through our accounts with Guaranty Trust Bank. When you have placed your order, we will send an invoice to your email box. Our bank account details will be included in that invoice.

How long does it take for you to fund my LR account?
Normally it takes anywhere between 3hours to 2working days to fund your account. However, if for any reason there is a delay, we will issue a refund upon request.

What are your rates for selling and buying LR?
Our rates vary with the prevailing market prices and forces but we can assure you that we have the best rates around. Just use our calculator to calculate how much your order will cost at the current rate.

I want you to update me on any new services you offer and your current exchange rates. Is that possible?
Of course we will update you. All registered users of our website will recieve regular updates.

Can I Invest With You?
We do not offer an investment opportunity at the moment. We shall make a public notice if we ever start one.

I Can’t Login To My Liberty Reserve Account. Can You Help?
Unfortunately we can’t. Contact the owners of LR

Can You Give Me Investment Advice?
Unfortunately we offer no such service.

Can I come and visit your office?
Of course yes but you must first call our hotline (from our contact page) to book an appointment. We operate a strict online business and you will discover that most issues can be resolved without your physical presence.

Can You Send Me My Libery Reserve Account No?
No. It is your responsibility to create a LR account and keep your details.

I noticed an error in the amount credited to my account. What should I do?
Just use the form on our contact page to inform us of the details of the error. We will act on it promptly.

I Noticed Slightly Less Than I Paid for After Funding?
LR has a transaction fee. Which means they charge you for anything entering your account. Please see their website at

My question is not answered here. What should I do?
Contact us with your question through our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visa Cards

What are debit Visa Cards?
How Do I Obtain An Affiliate Visa Card?
What are reloadable Visa Card?
What do you mean by Affiliate Visa Cards?
What is the difference between a Virtual Visa Card and a Visa Card?
Can I Obtain A Virtual Visa Card without a Visa Card?
Can I Verify PayPal With My Visa Card?
Can I Recieve Online Payments With My Virtual Visa Card?
Is My Visa Card Secure?
Where Can I Use My Visa Card?
How Do I Load Funds To My Visa Card?
I Have Left Over Funds In My Account. Can I Send It Back to You?

What are Debit Visa Cards?
A debit visa card is simply a visa card unto which you load funds for subsequent use. It works just like a regular pre-paid cellphone. Load money first, then use.

How Do I Obtain An Affiliate Visa Card ?
You can get an Affiliate Visa Card through us. Bear in mind however that this card is exclusive to people who are members of our network of sites only. You can begin here.

What Are Reloadable Visa Cards?
There are two types of cards. The reloadables and the non-reloadables (usually called gift cards). With non-reloadable cards, you dispose of the card as soon as the funds on it are exhausted. This is the common one in the market place. Reloadable cards can be used over and over again. Just load funds on it as you require.

What Do You Mean By Affiliate Visa Cards?
By affiliate Visa cards, we mean that the cards we offer are for our affiliates and members of our network of sites only! This means under no circumstances do we resell cards on this platform in any way. Our affiliates and members can recieve commissions and reloads straight to their cards and this is available for online spending.

What Is The Difference Between Virtual Visa Card & Visa Card?
A virtual visa card is a card which can be used online only. You will have all the details of the card without the plastic. The Visa Card is the real plastic and with this, you can withdraw straight from your account at ATM locations that accept Visa.

Can I Verify PayPal with Your Visa Card?

Please bear in mind that Paypal does not allow Nigerians, therefore their is no guarantee of success based on this.

Can I Obtain A Virtual Visa Without A Visa Card ?
Absolutely yes.

Can I Receive Online Payments With My Visa Card Or Virtual Visa?
No. You can only make purchases with your card. You cannot receive payments. However, the service provider of the Visa Card gives you an opportunity to use the platform to accept payments from other users and fund your card with it.

Is My Visa Card Secure ?

The arrangement is such that even we do not know the details of your account. It is known to you alone. However, you are charged with the duty of keep the integrity of your account private.

Where Can I Use My Visa Card ?
Anywhere Visa is accpted. However, you must realise that due to restrictions which are beyond our control, you might be turned down at a few purchase points. This is not because the card is non-function but might due to other reasons we cannot cover here fully.

In cases where you get turned down, what you should do is to email the merchant selling the product or service and demand an explanation for the action. Usually in most cases with our customers, the merchant will simply request identification in the form of International Passport, National ID or other government issued identification and then the card will be accepted.

Don’t expect the card to work 100% of the time anyway.

How Do I Load Funds To My Account?
We can do that for you easily. Just go to the section for Visa Card on our website and follow the procedure as stated.

I Have Left Over Funds. Can I Send It Back To You?

We would have loved to help you out BUT the providers of the cards do not accpet this. The only way out is to initiate a transfer of the funds straight to your local bank account or use your plastic card to withdraw at an internation ATM locally.

Refund Policy
Where we are unable to complete your orders within the time frame of our transaction time, we shall issue you a refund upon demand to the tune of the exact amount paid with an apology.

In cases where you cancel the transaction yourself, we shall charge you between N500 – N5000 depending on the amount in question.