Binance US is asking it’s customers to beta test the upcoming Binance US iOS app.

The crypto trading platform for United  States based users,Binance US is asking it’s customers to beta test the upcoming Binance US iOS app.

On 18th December , Binance. US took to its twitter account to announce that the iOS app is now in a beta testing phase,thereby giving importance of the beta testing to a successful app launch, the company is reaching out to its active community to help in testing the app. 

The testing will enable Binance.US the opportunity to address possible flaws and also resolve before  making the app open for more wider audience. The beta testers will make use of the app over a specific period of time, making a report back in case of bugs or issues and also give feedback about the app which will be of help to Binance.US to decide whether or the app Is ready for full release. 

For those who are willing and interested to partake I’m the beta testing of the app should apply at the Binance.US twitter account.  It’s not been announced when the beta testing will be made available for Android mobile phone users. 

A blog contacted Binance.US about specifics relating to the iOS app but did not receive a response as of press time. 

You can buy crypt with debit cards on Binance.US 

Binance.US proclaimed in November,  that the exchange gives its customers the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies with a debit card, connecting  the existing U.S dollar on ramp and off ramp including the automated clearing house (ACH)  and bank wire,in  September 24th.

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