Binance Coin (BNB) Kicks Off The New Month With A Steady Trend

Binance Coin (BNB) Kicks Off The New Month With A Steady Trend

Binance Coin
 has traveled a long distance to be at the position it enjoys currently, and the coin has given record-breaking performances in the last 2 months. As also anticipated by the traders and investors, the surge is going to get better in this month, and BNB token may cross $40 mark in the first 2 weeks heading towards bigger milestones. The current market performance also indicates the same and provides a steady outlook.

In the last 3 months, BNB token value has increased from $20.10 to its current value of $33.29 as noted on July 1, 2019, at 10:00:45 UTC. This shows an upward surge of over 65% and the coin continues to accelerate higher with each passing week. The movement of the coin was mostly upwards with only a few dips here and there, and it was also speedy at the same time for the coin jumped from $20 to $25, dipped a little to $17 but only to rise back again with full force and cross $35 target towards May end.

  • The price of BNB token is noted at $33.29 and 0.00306757 BTC
  • The market cap of the coin is now $4,784,101,430
  • The 24 h volume has now reached $286,504,852
  • The ROI of the coin stands at >9000%
  • The circulating supply of the coin has been 141,175,490 BNB

BNB recorded its all-time high value at $39.57 in June 2019, and yesterday the highest recorded value of the coin was $35.

The situation is under control for BNB, and it may soon start propelling towards bullish trends by crossing $40 mark. By the end of the year, the coin may roam in between $100 and $300. Investing in BNB in bulk is a lucrative deal that should not be ignored now.

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