Mexican billionaire has advised his followers to ditch fiat currencies and buy Bitcoin instead, with the coin rallying past the $51k earlier today.

He has always been a big proponent of bitcoin. The billionaire has numerous times told investors to invest in bitcoin over fiat given the potential of the former and how it can serve as an inflation hedge. He has once again openly shown support for the digital asset in a Christmas video where he has advised investors to steer clear of fiat and invest their money in bitcoin.


The Government Is Stealing Your Money

In another tweet, the billionaire reiterates his stance on fiat money. This time, comparing the price of things in 2020 versus 90 years ago. This argument has been made a good amount in inflation debates and how much buying power has depreciated over the last century, and Salinas puts this in perspective using two pictures comparing the purchasing power of $20 in two different centuries.


In the video posted on his Twitter account with almost 1 million followers, the billionaire gave out some important life and investing advice. His message spanned from asking his followers to not give in to jealously and to always believe in themselves when they pursue their freedom and innovation. He also gave some pertinent advice regarding investing in fiat.

The tweet warned followers that inflation was a tool for the government to keep the masses scared and controlled, as well as stealing their money through taxes.


Stay away from FIAT money .. it's fake money made of paper and lies. The Central Banks are printing more money than ever before. Invest in #Bitcoin" – Solid Christmas advice by Mexican billionaire


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