I understand that not everyone is ready to trade with large amount of money at first or better still not everyone has large amount of money to trade with. Which leads to the question 'Is trading with small accounts possible?'

Of course, that little capital can grow into huge capital. You can use these tips to ensure your trading is profitable and productive! 

✅Trade fewer coins. Focus on a few! 
Don’t rush into trading every coin you like. Concentrate on a few of them. Pick a specific trading strategy, use it continuously to guide you on how the selected coins move. Study them intently until you can to a large extent determine it's moves.
✅Avoid high leverage.

High leverage can be seductive when you trade with small amount. However, keep in mind that you can lose your money very quickly with that. Small leverage as 2X to 10X is enough. Don’t jump over your head, as liquidation can come in the most crucial moment. 

✅Use the higher timeframes. Avoid scalping!
Using the higher timeframe will help you to see the situation in general, as looking at smaller one can mislead you. You can think that it’s a long-term move, however, on H1, H4 and D1 you can see that it’s a temporary insignificant fluctuation! Avoid scalping and look at the situation widely.
✅Think in percentages rather than money.
Usually crypto exchanges measure your orders not in money, but in points and percent. Try to calculate your profit not in amount of money, but in percent! It can really help you get your value during trading. 

✅Learn from your mistakes with a small account and earn big when you have more funds.

Losing a little money can help you to learn from your mistakes and not to repeat them after you increase your deposit. Start from small amount and gradually add more and more, when you have made sure you are ready to go big.

Even with a small amount you can reach big results! Step by step you’ll reach the peak!
Learn, Trade and Earn